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BARAKA Nigella Sativa Oil (3 pack)

RM 40.00

1- Relief cough and minimize manifestations of upper respiratory tract disorders.
2- Protect against paroxysmal attacks of bronchial asthma and whooping cough.
3- Increases body vitality and overcome daily fatigue & weakness.
4- Improves body immunity especially during disease states and convalescence.
5- Relieves various complains such as flatulence & spastic pains

Black Seed has been used as a natural & herbal remedy for over 2000 years.It increases the resistance of the human body protecting against various diseases. BARAKA BLACK SEED OIL is extracted mechanically without the use of any chemical additives and has no preservatives. There are no known adverse effects. Black Seeds are used in our daily food & it is an ingredient in more than 70% of the Ayurvedic Preparations. During pregnancy Baraka Black Seed Oil capsules should not be used without a Physician’s advice